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Winter Course 2022

12/Dec/2022 - 8/Jan/2023


Crucial Time

At PEAK, we offer both IB and I/GCSE subjects for our intensive winter course. Key topics from the syllabus will be reviewed to ensure understanding and work through of common questions to solidify public exam techniques.  Students' performance will also be tracked via real time mock exam. Get up to 10% off via our Early Bird sale!

✔ Key concepts

✔ Strategic exam techniques

✔ Time management

✔ Confidence boost


Learn, Apply, Execute

All of our winter courses are paired with real time mock exams to simulate the intensity and time element of their public examinations. Teachers will identify any gaps in their learning and students will be able to track their performance analytically to improve. This also serves as a great practice for final year IB and GCSE students.

Concrete Wall

Experience in Exams

Our academic specialists are experienced with the said syllabus with many completed the exams themselves. Past success and strategies are shared to pass on excellence and avoid common mistakes. Speak to one of our specialists to know more about the course and the teachers' background.

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