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End of Year Exam Course 2023

17 April - 30 June


Crucial Time

At PEAK, we offer two types of End of Year Exam courses for IB, A Levels and I/GCSE.


1. Essential Revision Course: Two weekly sessions to review key topics and reinforce curriculum understanding. Suitable for students looking to fill in knowledge gaps. 

Essential Revision Course Timetables:

2. Exam Crash Course: Three tailored intensive lessons with two supervised real time mock exams to review performance and solidify public exam techniques. Suitable for students looking to further their grades.

Discount: Up to 15% off on second subject!

✔ Key concepts

✔ Strategic exam techniques

✔ Time management

✔ Confidence boost

Learn, Apply, Execute

All of our courses are paired with past paper question practices with an option of mock exams to simulate the intensity and time element of their public examinations. Teachers will identify any gaps in their learning and students will be able to track their performance analytically to improve. This also serves as a great practice for final year IB and GCSE students.

Concrete Wall

Experience in Exams

Our academic specialists are experienced with the said syllabus with many completed the exams themselves. Past success and strategies are shared to pass on excellence and avoid common mistakes. Speak to one of our specialists to know more about the course and the teachers' background.

  • What is the Group Class Size?
    Maximum of 3 students per group, to ensure a high "teacher to student teaching ratio" and provide individualised learning for students.
  • Who will be grouped together in the group class?
    Students of the same year level, subject and curriculum will be assigned together.
  • What topics are covered in the Essential Revision and Exam Crash Course?
    Both courses are "student led" to specifically focus on topics they find challenging. Overall the course is goal orientated and are designed to achieve the following results: Identify curriculum knowledge gaps and topics Develop robust exam techniques and time management Build student’s confidence and exam mentality in achieving exam grades. Provide guidance on common and difficult question problems
  • What does the goal of the bridging course?
    The bridging course offers valuable insight into either the GCSE, IB or A Levels depending on your year level. It gives you a head start over your peers to build foundational knowledge as well as a taste of the level of examination you will encounter.
  • What is a typical lesson structure? How will the time be distributed between teaching, discussion, and classwork?
    Time allocation for teaching depends on the student’s progress. All of our lessons include the following elements: 1. Review of previous lesson’s topics, homework and a check in with the student's current progress at school. 2. Goal-orientated content teaching based on capability of students. At Peak, we focus on solidifying the student’s understanding of concepts instead of rote learning. 3. Application of concepts through exam style questions, past papers, topical questions and guided discussion with the teacher.
  • What is the class duration?
    At Peak we typically recommend a minimum of 1.5hr per session to ensure the most effective learning.
  • Who are the tutors?
    We firmly believe that when it comes to education, experience matters. That is why all Peak tutors have either a strong academic track record (themselves or students they have taught) or work in professional sectors.
  • Are the tutors native english speakers?
    All our specialists speak fluent native English, and most are from international educational backgrounds.
  • Where are you located?
    We are located in the heart of Hong Kong. 2 minutes walk from Wan Chai MTR B1 exit or 5 minutes walk from Three Pacific Place (Admiralty).
  • Why come to us for IGCSE/IB/A-levels?
    Be smart about your studying and learn from those who have walked on the path before you. Why go through the process of trial and error when our team of high achievers have figured out foolproof strategies for you. Sharing our academic success is the key to elevate your studies. To quote Warren Buffet - "It's good to learn from your mistakes. It's better to learn from other people's mistakes."
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